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As court of law is a temple of justice, a law library is a temple of learning and such library service is playing and has to play an effective and efficient role in legal profession. as law is developing in a fast track mode it has its impact on every aspect in the changing society needs a bridge between multiplication of legal literature and legal professionals by the effective means of documentation techniques and standards, these techniques can be inculcated to the user by the librarian by orienting and educate the user community and use of law library and its holdings at an early stage.

Aims & Objectives of DNR College of LAW Library
  • To evolve and impart comprehensive legal education at all levels to achieve excellence
  • To promote legal awareness in the community for achieving social and economic justices
  • The Primary goal is to support the curriculum and research needs of faculty and students
  • To provide a state of art information storage, retrieval and dissemination service
  • To provide online legal e-information by various ways on the Web online legal e-information to all law students, research scholars, and Faculty Members.
  • To provide document delivery Services both in print & Electronic form

Library books collection (from 1989- to 2014): The Library has procured subject and general books (Reference and general stack) during the period 1989 to 2014 a total number of 9530 books.

Books: The entire collection of books, journals and reports are organised in an orderly manner. Multiple copies of the standard text books on different subjects are kept in this section on the recommendations of the respective heads of the departments mainly for consultation by the students and staff. The text books racks are placed in one side of the reading hall in sections of seven book racks each with subject and rack number guides on each segment of racks, and back volumes and quick reference books are arranged in closed glass books racks thereby making the retrieval of materials find simply and convenient in during time user time is save.

Reference section: This section provides general books, Law related books, dictionaries, geographical and biographical sources, almanacs, handbooks, & rare books etc.

Quick Reference (Dictionaries and Encyclopedias): This section provides general and subject encyclopedias, dictionaries and other reference sources.

Back Volumes and Encyclopedias, Reports and Journals: Apart from sizeable number of Back volumes i.e., All India Reporter- from 1946 to Till date , Andhra Legal decisions from 2004 to till date, Indian Bar Review from 1972 to Till date , Labour and Industrial cases from 1990 to Till date, Supreme Court Cases from 1996 to Till date, Consumer Protection Judgments from 1999 to Till date, Supreme Court Journal from 1995 to Till ate, Law Z , Legal News and views , Down to Earth, Current Central Legislation and legal dictionaries etc., we having the collection of above mentioned back volumes.

Current Journals and Magazines Subscription: (Law and Non Law) The Indian periodicals are also subscribed through the vender for periodicals, of these legal journals, magazine and reports are of lion' s share, but our library also provides to its readers other magazines and periodicals for the sake of general awareness.

we have the library is also subscribing to the current issues of law journals and reports viz: All India Reporter, Criminal Law Journal, Andhra Legal Decisions Andhra Legal decisions (Criminal) Supreme Court Journal, Consumer Protection Judgments, Supreme Court Cases, Labour and Industrial cases, Law Z, Criminal Law Reporter, Legal News and views, Law Teller, Practical Lawyer, Lawyers Update, Indian Bar Review (Life).

Non Law: Social Welfare, Humanism, University News, World of Work, Front Line, India Today ( Telugu), Yojana (Telugu and English) Telugu Vidyardhi (Telugu), Vivek (Telugu), Grandalaya Sarvaswam (Telugu) Competition Successes Review, Udyoga Sopanam, Employment News, Human Rights (Telugu).

List of News Papers (Telugu and English):
1. Andhra Jyothi
2. Eenadu
3. Saakshi
4. Andhra Bhumi
5. Visalandra
6. The Hindu
7. Deccan Cronical
8. Indian Express

Circulation Section: This is a circle of the library besides extending transaction facilities to its readers viz., the Teaching staff, Research Scholars and Students are its members. It renders extensive service to the research scholars and teaching staff by undertaking functions like issuing, returning the books and other reading materials from 9.30am. to 7.30p.m. On all working days & Sundays and Public Holidays: 10.30 am to 12.30 am.

Members are provided borrowing of books facility through Browne system: A Book card with details about the book (call number, acquisition number, name of author, title) is put in a blank pocket inside the book cover. Journals, reports, reference books, manuals, bare acts, dictionaries and encyclopedia - are not for borrowing.

Library Rules: The law library is designed to assist law students, teachers, scholars and managers of administration of the parent academic institution. Therefore, the law library of an academic institution is established to meet the information needed for different user groups for the fulfillment of their various Academic activities. Facilities of Internet and Manupatra and Westlaw online journals are also added to our library. Open access system is adopted for an easy access to legal literature and other information.

Working Hours: Library will be open from 09:00 am to 4:00 pm on all working days and from 10:00 am to 1pm on other public holidays. Issue and return of books will be from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm only on working days. Books will be issue between 10.30 am to 12.30pm public holidays. (Regarding Festival Holidays and summer holidays)
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